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Discover the complete swopper system

With our complete swopper system, you will not only transport swap bodies up to 18,000 kg. Enjoy the benefits of the extensible functions that result from the flexible combination of the swopper MF LIFTER with each tractor and a sweeper or the snow blade with a suitable grit spreader.

swopper Team MF highlights

  • Combination with every tractor
  • Locking the swap body from the tractor
  • The centering tunnel allows for time-efficient use
  • For swap bodies and cases in all heights and lengths
  • Ground clearance of at least 860 mm
  • 620 mm maximum stroke up to 1,480 mm high
Swopper Gespann Außenaufnahme

swopper king Tractor

The Tractor

As a Tractor, the swopper King is a powerful yet highly flexible vehicle with properties optimally adjusted to shunting and moving tasks

Conversion of your tractor unit

A technically correct conversion of your existing tractor to the technical requirements of the swopper MF LIFTER is of course also possible at a later date. We will be happy to advise you on this service on site at our plant.

Individual image carrier

Upon request, the swopper KING will become an individual, meaningful image carrier for your company. A painting in your company colours or the application of your logo is possible.

Außenaufnahme Swopper King Zugmaschine

swopper MF Lifter

For Transport up to 18,000 kg

With the swopper MF LIFTER swap body converter, payloads of up to 18,000 kg can be moved depending on the type. Low investment costs and the flexible application options for every tractor make the swopper MF LIFTER a highly economical utility. The transport of swap bodies and cases in all heights and lengths up to a total weight of 18,000 kg is also permitted on public roads. Even with road bumps, the tandem air suspension system* offers absolutely smooth running. The ground clearance of at least 860 mm allows lifting of jumbo bridges even under unfavorable conditions. With the maximum stroke of 620 mm, swap bodies with folded-down support legs can also be transported.

Außenaufnahme Swopper MF Lifter

Technical description

The swopper system

  • Chassis frame for high surface loading made of high-quality steel profiles
  • Box-shaped drawbar with bolted drawbar eye
  • Pluggable standard pillars and designed for swap body size C 782 additionally interchangeable for sizes C 745 and C 715
  • Automatic locking at the front via two pivots* mounted on the Support arm
  • Pneumatic suspension or rigid one- or two-axis aggregate*
  • 13,000 kg technically possible axle load (per axis) at 25 km/h
  • Spindle support with swivel mechanism attached to the front of the drawbar
  • Dual-circuit pneumatic brake system in accordance with EC-guidelines, automatic load-dependent (ALB)
  • EElectrical system in accordance with StVZO regulations: 24 or 12 volts, multi-chamber tail lights, clearance lights, triangular reflector, yellow lateral reflectors, connecting cables to the tractor

* depending on the equipment used

Detailaufnahme Swopper Lift

swopper MF Sweeper

Cleanliness goes on

The ideal sweeper for demanding cleaning even in the most difficult conditions: With the stable design of the swopper sweeper, you can clean paths, streets, driveways and yards.

As a free sweeping machine, it also sweeps even coarse gravel or debris onto the desired side without any problem. The Sweeper transports the debris into the dirt hopper
Comfortable, fast, clean and thorough!

Außeraufnahme Swopper MF Kehrmaschine

swopper MF Snow blade

Clear the street

wopper snow blades are suitable for mounting on the swopper King or other self-propelled vehicles. They are intended for clearing snow on parking lots, roads, parking spaces and other paved and unpaved areas

The hydraulically adjustable snow blade can be operated directly from the tractor and adjusted during the clearing process

Außenaufnahme Swopper MF Schneeschild

swopper MF Grit spreader

Dosing for extensive defrost

With the swopper grit spreader, all common granules as well as salts can be dosed extremely precisely. The large reservoir can be lowered for filling and sealed with a tarpaulin. The delivery volume of the distribution system is easily adjustable.

Fully equipped with hydraulic/electric drive and spreading width adjustment, you are prepared for all weather conditions.

Außenaufnahme Swopper MF Granulatstreuer