KA-BA – Your Brand for Animal Transporters

KA-BA is one of the leading manufacturers of animal transporters

Highest quality, cost-effectiveness and the fulfillment of individual transport requirements characterize the KA-BA products. Our model variants: motor vehicles up to 4 floors, trailers in different variants up to 4 floors and also semi-trailers up to 4 floors.

Future security
through expertise and know-how

We take responsibility

With KA-BA vehicles, you can concentrate on your core business, because we ensure compliance with the latest legal regulations and guidelines. Our animal transporters are designed and constructed under strict compliance with animal welfare laws and in accordance with the EU regulation for long-distance transport:

  • Optimal sure-footedness of the floors
  • No sharp corners and edges
  • Epidemic protection through full welding
  • Rubber seals in exits and entrances
  • optimal cleaning and hygiene properties

Product features

Highest quality down to the smallest detail

KA-BA animal transporters are consistent down to the smallest detail: This is what makes the quality so good. Thanks to the modular design of all equipment elements, the individual components can be easily adapted to all vehicle types. All construction elements are made of solid aluminum, are self-supporting and fully welded.

  • Self-supporting full-aluminum construction as a modular system
  • Superstructures also as swap-body system
  • Smooth wall-mounted version
  • One- to five-storey superstructures
  • Lateral loading options through doors/flaps/side ramps/train ramps
  • Side vents with air dampers or/and sliders.
  • Grid or ventilation bars in vents
  • Pneumatic blind technology for actuating the side wall air slides
  • Ventilation fans in the side wall
  • Lifting technology with rope system
  • Lift roof system with gallery
  • Pneumatic locking of the intermediate floors
  • Storage space of the intermediate floor every 10cm
  • Comfortable loading and unloading by lifting intermediate floors.
  • Drinking system for different animal species, optionally also heated
  • Irrigation regulatory system also with the supply of disinfectants
  • Body heating
  • Tailgate with tension spring tailboard hinge/ hydraulic tailboard hinge/lift with or without superstructure
  • On-board weighing system
  • Reversing video system
  • Remote control
  • Temperature monitoring with europe-wide truck navigation and other tools
  • Equiliner


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